Safety and Security

Our most advanced product provides year-round comfort improvement by keeping the sun’s heat out in the Summer and keeping heat inside in the Winter. These films provide the highest performance in every area of comfort.

Key Benefits

Designed for applications where safety and security is a priority

Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction

Superior optical clarity

Advanced adhesive formulation

Evaluation according to the following test methods/standard:

  • Small Missile Impact Test – ANSI Z-97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201
  • Large Missile Impact Test & Cyclic Window Pressure Tests –
  • ASTM E 1886-02/ASTM E 1996-03, Level C, 4.5lb 2″ x 4″
  • GSA Explosive Test – GSA-TS01-2003
  • Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Test – ASTM E-84


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